Parliamentary committee finds capital city bill unconvincing

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The National Assembly's Standing Committee on Laws said last Thursday that they found uncovincing a bill introduced by Hanoi to impose heavier punishment and fines than the rest of the country for several violations.


According to the bill, violations of laws relating to traffic, construction, land use, culture and residence should be fined more heavily than other localities to help deter violations.


However, the committee said the bill assumed that Hanoians' awareness is lower than others.


If the capital city administration wants to deter violations with heavier punishments, they should apply it in all areas, especially for criminal acts which are more dangerous, it added.


The committee also disagreed with higher environment and traffic fees proposed by the government


It was not convicing for the government to argue that the higher fees would help increase investment in environment protection and traffic infrastructure, because all localities are in need of upgrading their traffic infrastructure, not only Hanoi, it said.


In response to the proposal that the local government will regulate strict requirements for migrants to live in Hanoi, the committee said that under the current Residence Law, people have residence rights everywhere and it would be ineffective to restrict migration to big cities via administrative resolutions.


The problem needs socio-economic solutions, the committee said.


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