Park rangers seize wild animals, meat in Central Highlands

By Thanh Duc - Khanh An, Thanh Nien News

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Wildlife meat seized in Dak Nong Province. Photo credit: WCS 
Dak Nong park rangers have seized five animals and nearly 70 kilograms of wildlife meat after checking a restaurant and a house in the Central Highlands province.
The raid was conducted with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).
Nguyen Van Toan confessed that he bought 31.5 kg of wild boar and squirrel meat from a hawker for sale. He kept the meat in his house. 
Meanwhile, park rangers seized 36.9 kg of meat of several wildlife species at Doan Huu Dai’s restaurant and five wild animals, including a wild rabbit and porcupines.
Dai said he bought them from some unidentified traders.
The restaurant has been ordered not to sell wild animals and their meat again. 
The wild cat accidentally trapped in the Mekong Delta province of Vinh Long. Photo: Thanh Duc
According to WCS, wild meat is both expensive and unhealthy for human consumption. Poachers often preserve the meat with poisonous chemicals, including carcinogens, during hunting trips that last for days in the forest. 
In related news, a man in Vinh Long has accidentally trapped a wild cat in a mouse trap.
After he and others posted some photos of the cat on Facebook, several wildlife protection agencies have identified it as a rare African cat and urged him to hand it over to a conservation center.
He has agreed to do so. 

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