Owner of frozen tiger carcass found

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Owner of frozen tiger carcass found


The environment police have identified the manager of a hotel in the far northern province of Bac Kan as the owner of a frozen tiger carcass local police seized from a truck last Thursday, news website Dan Tri reported.
Nguyen Van Duoc told the police that he had planned to make a large quantity of bone paste from the 303-kg carcass.
They had carried out a search of the truck parked in Bac Kan Hotel after being tipped off that it contained contraband.
They found the carcass chopped into five parts, put in five sacks, wrapped in blankets and hidden in the vehicle.
They also found two other sacks containing 53 kg of animal bones, three kilograms of animal bone glue and three kilograms of turtle shells from the truck.

The frozen severed carcass of a 303-kilogram tiger seized by Bac Kan police last Thursday. Photo provided by Bac Kan police.
A search of Duoc’s room in the hotel turned up two shotguns and many tusks and claws of unidentified animals.
Pham Minh Long, 43, the truck driver, told the police he had been hired to transport the goods.
The two men are being held for questioning.
In Vietnam, products made of tiger body parts, including bone paste, are believed to have medicinal properties though it is illegal to hunt, kill or trade the animal or advertise products made from its body parts.
The paste is made by boiling the bones for 24 hours until they attain a glue-like consistency. It is used to treat joint problems and believed to improve sexual performance.

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