Overloaded hydrofoil steered by unlicensed pilot

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Passengers taking a hydrofoil from downtown Ho Chi Minh City to Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province on Monday (December 6) had an unforgettable cruise, riding the waves with 50 people more than the vessel's capacity.

To make the cruise more exciting, the captain of the hydrofoil did not have a license to pilot the hydrofoil, and there were not enough lifebuoys on board, only enough for its designed capacity of 75 passengers.

Fortunately, the vessel belonging to the Greenlines Company docked safely at the beach resort terminal after two hours with 125 horrified and relieved passengers on board.

Among the passengers was this Thanh Nien reporter, who had initially taken another Greenlines hydrofoil with only 50 passengers.

However, all the passengers were transferred after their vessel broke down for the third time just 20 minutes after departing.

"Everyone thought the company had sent another vessel to replace this one, but later found they were transferred to one that was already full," one passenger said.

Carrying 125 passengers on board, the hydrofoil tilted to either side several times, and most passengers were nervous and afraid.

Many had no seat and had to stand the entire way. The passengers began to call the police for help after the boat was violently struck by the waves at sea. All attempts to talk to the captain failed.

Prompted by the passengers' calls, the waterway police in Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province and the provincial Domestic Waterway Port Authority checked the vessel on arriving at the destination. Initial inspections found the captain had no license and the vessel was not equipped with enough lifebuoys.

Police are investigating the case further.

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