Over $545 mln misappropriated in Vietnam: report

TN News

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Over VND11.4 trillion (US$545.7 million) in state funds was found misappropriated between last October and this July, the Government Inspectorate reported at a Friday sitting of the National Assembly's Standing Committee.

The Inspectorate said 171 cases of misappropriation involving 409 people have been tried, adding that over VND300 billion ($14.4 million), or 2.6 percent of the misappropriated amount, has been revoked.

While the war on corruption has made some achievements over the years, corruption generally is still "critical" and "complicated," according to the report.

The report has raised concerns among members of the NA Standing Committee who said that the rate of revoked funds is too low.

NA Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung, meanwhile, criticized the report for failing to clearly identify the shortcomings of anti-corruption efforts.

He urged the government to clarify the shortcomings and set a detailed plan to "repel" corruption, including a particular time for them to achieve the target.

At the meeting, members of the Budget and Finance Committee also raised their concerns about the waste of resources on construction projects after reviewing a government report that tackled the issue.

Many of some 500 festivals recorded this year have been a huge waste of resources, according to the committee.

Many citizens are also spending extravagantly by buying foreign-made products like cars, mobile phones, and beers, it added.

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