Over $300,000 to save environment in Vietnam southern province

TN News

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Vietnam southern industrial hub Dong Nai has invested more than US$301,800 into environment protection projects until 2015.


The money will also be used to reduce environmental pollution at industrial zones and urban areas in the province.


A Vietnam News Agency report on Friday said Dong Nai has installed waste treatment systems for 19 of the 21 industrial zones operating in the area.


Figures by the province government itself showed that 61 percent of dangerous waste in the area and 85 percent of solid waste had been collected.


It said the quality of local water source has been improved, including rivers once heavily polluted such as the Thi Vai River. But parts of the Dong Nai River crossing the province capital Bien Hoa and many streams around the town are still heavily polluted.



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The infamous Thi Vai River has covered local headlines for a long time since September 2008, after the Taiwanese monosodium glutamate maker Vedan Vietnam was caught discharging untreated effluents directly into the river through secret underground pipes.


Government inspectors found that the company had been dumping 105 million liters of wastewater per month into the river for 14 years.


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