Over 20 charged with opposing the government

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Prosecutors in the south central province of Phu Yen on Monday pressed charges against 22 members of a political group for opposing the government, newswire VnExpress reported.


Phan Van Thu, 64, of Binh Dinh Province and 21 others were charged with "acting to overthrow the people's administration," which is punishable by death. 

According to the Phu Yen Province People's Procuracy, between 2003 and 2012, Thu and his accomplices established a political organization called Hoi Dong Cong Luat Cong An Bia Son at the Da Bia eco-tourism area in Dong Hoa District.


The group's name translates as Council for the Laws and Public Affairs of Bia Son. Bia Son means Da Bia Mountain - a mountain in Phu Yen.


The group used the resort as a command center for their political activities, according to prosecutors.


The entirely non-violent organization established smaller groups in cities and provinces across Vietnam, according to police.

The groups wrote documents aiming to defame the administration and distort the policies of the Party and the State, according to prosecutors.


They incited people to join their organization and contribute materials to strengthen its activities.


The group members allegedly planned new name for the country, as well as a new national flag, a new national anthem, and new central and local administrations.


According to their plan, Thu would lead the Hoi Dong Cong Luat Cong An Bia Son to overthrow the existing administration and establish the so-called Dai Nam Kinh Chau state next year, investigators said.


Thu and other group members were arrested last February after a series of raids at the Da Bia eco-tourism area.


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