Old woman breaks leg after falling from public bus

TN News

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A 67 year old woman in Hanoi was hospitalized with a broken leg after falling from a public bus on Saturday.

Bus driver Nguyen Van Can said the passenger Pham Thi Cham was carrying many things and some of them caught the bus door when she was leaving, causing Cham to fall.

But the woman said that the bus started moving before she got off, local news website VnExpress reported.

Cham said it took her sometime to walk from her seat on the second row to the door at the back part of the bus.

Local people asked the bus driver to carry the woman to hospital but he refused, leaving his driver assistant with the woman and only returned to the hospital two hours later.

Doctors said Cham had a thigh fracture that needs an urgent operation costing VND9.5 million (US$452).

Police are investigating the accident.

Public buses in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are used by many low-income travelers, including students and factory workers. The bus services have received a lot of public criticism for rude staff behavior and careless driving that has caused many accidents, some of them fatal.

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