Old paralyzed woman killed in Hanoi fire

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Fire police are stopping a fire in Hanoi Sunday morning, which killed an old woman.

A fire burned down 36 apartments in Hanoi Sunday morning, killing an old woman who was stuck in her wheelchair.

Initital investigations found the fire was ignited from a gas leak at the apartments on Ham Tu Quan Street, news website VietNamNet reported.

Hoang Thi Dam, 91, was suffocated to death on second-floor apartment.

Her son Hoang Van Quy, 58, said he had only had enough time to destroy a fence to help his wife and children escape through neighbors' roofs.

Quy said he and his wife had tried to bring his mother down to the ground floor but blaze and smoke blocked the way.

The police had to clear the ruins afterward to bring the woman out.

The fire spred in minutes as the apartments were old and built mostly of wood. It also affected 17 houses outside the ministry's apartments area.

It took two hours to put out the fire at 10 p.m., after Hanoi fire police sent five fire trucks.

The police said the efforts had been difficult. There's no way to drive the trucks close to the house and the fire police had to spray water from a far.

The incident blocked traffic on nearby roads.

Police are investigating further.

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