Officials return 'offensive' signboard they took from Saigon noodle shop

By Ngoc Le, Thanh Nien News

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The signboard of the noodle shop Bun Bo Gan in District 4.

Sub-district level officials in Ho Chi Minh City have returned a signboard containing wacky, trivial rules that they took away from a sidewalk noodle shop, following a public outcry.
A spokesperson of District 4’s Ward 1 said on Wednesday that the officers who had confiscated the board will be reprimanded for their recklessness.
The beef noodle soup stall Bun Bo Gan near Ton That Thuyet Apartment Building has attracted much public attention since its owner Nguyen Hoang Anh Dung, 48, introduced the board with a set of rules for his customers earlier this year.
Many could not help but laugh after reading the rules.
For example, customers are not allowed to badmouth the shop owner on social media. They cannot complain if the noodle soup is bad either.
One of the rules says customers who do not have enough money to pay can use their marriage certificates or housing papers as mortgage.
After photos of the signboard and the stall went viral, some Ward 1 officers came and confiscated the board on March 26, saying they found it “offensive.”
They also said the board blocked traffic in front of the apartment building as too many people gathered to see it.
Dung, the owner, said he made up the funny rules two months ago, and he just wanted to make his customers laugh.
He was defended by a large number of netizens who said the board is just for fun and for PR purposes only, and the content does not breach any law.
Authorities should focus on more important things such as tackling crimes and bureaucracy, rather than getting fixated about such a trivial act, they said. 
The noodle stall, which was already crowded, has attracted more customers after the confiscation incident.

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