Officials mull traffic solutions in Hanoi

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Transport officials and experts suggested restricting car use during rush hour and adjusting business and school hours to solve Hanoi's traffic problems at a meeting in the captial city Monday.

Transport Minister Dinh La Thang said the city should ban cars at certain traffic intersections for one hour during peak traffic times.

"People who have personal cars will have to wait until after the curfew hour or choose other routes," the minister said, stressing that the capital must also ban taxis on crowded streets.

Nguyen Duy Ngoc, chief of Hanoi's traffic police division, agreed with Thang.

"Hanoi currently has more than 100 taxi companies with over 15,000 taxis, but their circulation hasn't been regulated yet, so some streets are crowded with taxis, leading to congestion," Ngoc said.

Nguyen Phu Thuong, director general of Hanoi Transport & Services Corp, suggested that school hours be changed to circumvent rush hour traffic, considering that students account for 80 percent of Hanoi's bus passengers.

Thuong also suggested increasing the number of buses on certain routes during rush hour.

Other suggestions included building flyovers at major intersections.

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