Officials face charges in girl's death in southern Vietnam

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Police in southern Vietnam have suggested local prosecutors press charges against two officials of a construction company for their "lack of responsibility" leading to the death of a teenage girl in January.


According to investigation findings, on January 16, Vu Van Truong, 41, chief of execution team, and Thai Dinh Vu, 26, in charge of construction safety of the Licogi 9.2 Joint-stock Company, didn't properly clear the site after paving asphalt on part of the National Way 51 that was being expanded in Dong Nai Province.


At around 5.30 a.m. next day Vu Thi Dung, 49, drove her daughter, 17-year-old Pham Hoai Diem, on a motorbike from the southern coastal town of Vung Tau to Ho Chi Minh City.


Dung's bike tumbled over one of many concrete blocks left behind at the site, and both riders fell down on the street. A car, driven by Nguyen Anh Bang, 28, ran over Diem, killing her instantly, while Dung was slightly injured.


Both Truong and Vu would face charges of "lacking responsibility, causing critical consequences."


Licogi 9.2 belongs to the Ministry of Construction's Infrastructure Development and Construction Corporation, also known as LICOGI.


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