Official faces punishment for overlooking subordinates' violations

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The Communist Party unit in the southern province of Long An Tuesday proposed punishment against a local high-ranking official for letting his subordinates commit various violations during his term of office.

Nguyen Van Minh, vice director of Long An Department of Industry and Trade, now is facing warnings from the Party as well as the government.

According to findings approved by the provincial Party unit, Minh while at helm of the Market Management Bureau, let his subordinates gamble in Cambodia and abuse power to borrow money from locals.

The Party Unit's inspectorate also found evidence of Minh covering up violations, handing down punishments illegally, and having violations in employment.


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Nguyen Van Tam, one of Minh's subordinates with violations, was previously sacked from the Party Unit and now is facing dismissal from his job for gambling and having an affair with Tran Thuy Lieu.

Lieu, meanwhile, is facing charges of killing her husband, Le Hoang Hung on January 19 in a high-profile case that drew a great deal of attention from media and people alike earlier this year.

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