Official dismissed for illegal release of drug suspect

TN News

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The People's Supreme Procuracy Monday dismissed a deputy chief of the office of prosecutors in the southern province of Tra Vinh for being involved in the illegal release of a suspect in a drug trafficking case.


Vietnam's highest judiciary office's investigation department on the same day began investigating the case that Nguyen Van Doan, deputy chief of Tra Vinh Town's People's Procuracy, is allegedly involved in.


According to investigators, in September 2009,  police in Tra Vinh Town arrested seven people belonging to a drug trafficking ring. It was said to be biggest such bust in the province to date.


One of the arrested persons was later released on bail, pending trial. Another one, Huynh Le Hoang, was also released before the trial, scheduled for December the same year, as approved by Doan.


However, when the trial began, Hoang wasn't present, and was later found to be in Japan with his family.


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