Officer faces charges for attacking traffic cop in southern Vietnam

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Police in Ho Chi Minh City have asked prosecutors to charge a cop with resisting a traffic police officer in July, Tuoi Tre quoted an unnamed source as saying Wednesday.

According to the conclusion by Binh Thanh District police division, on July 28, Tran Dai Phuc, an officer of the municipal Mobile Police Division No.1, was stopped by sergeant major Van Thanh Luan for riding a motorbike without a helmet on Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street. Phuc was in plainclothes at the time.

After Luan stopped Phuc by poking him with his club, an illegal procedure, Phuc protested and attacked Luan, police said, adding that a passerby then filmed the fight and uploaded a video clip of it to the Internet.

In the clip posted on YouTube, Phuc and Luan try to hit each other with clubs and then Phuc pushes Luan into a shop and they flail at each other a few times. Onlookers said the fight ended quickly and they left the scene.


Police officer detained for attacking cop on duty

After the clip caused a stir among netizens, Phuc was suspended from his current post, removed from Party membership, and detained for two months for the investigation.

Phuc told police Luan had dealt the first blow.

But also in its report, Tuoi Tre quoted Tran Thanh Tra, deputy chief of the road and railway traffic police office, as saying that investigators had concluded that Luan had not hit Phuc first.

However, Luan would be punished for failing to handle Phuc's traffic violations in accordance with law, Tra said.

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