Nursery accused of giving sleeping pills to children

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Police in the southern province of Binh Duong Thursday investigated a private nursery suspected of giving sleeping pillls to children.


The investigation took place after two children from the nursery, run by Vo Thi Y, 57, were hospitalized Wednesday in deep sleep.


At the unlicensed nursery, which opened a few months ago, police found 16 kinds of medicine, including sleeping pills and those prescribed for mental problems.


Y, who came from the Mekong Delta City of Can Tho, said the drugs were for herself.


She denied the accusation that she'd given the children sleeping pills, adding that she'd only fed them with porridge and other food.


The woman also rejected the possibility tha the kids accidentally consumed the drugs, saying they were all kept out of reach.


Meanwhile, Nguyen Vu Yen Nhi and Ich Minh Duc, both over a year old, woke up at around 8 p.m. Wednesday, three hours after being hospitalized, said Dr. Truong Tu Dung of the Hoan Hao Hospital.


Dung said they had no health problems, so doctors suspected they'd had sleeping pills.


Nguyen Thi Mai, Nhi's mother, said one of the parents whose children were taken care of by Y's nursery informed her and others after finding many children sleeping soundly when she came to pick up her kid earlier than usual


As Nhi did not react when Mai tried to wake her up, the mother rushed her to the hospital.


Mai said ever since Nhi began attending the nursery five days ago, she has been generally sleepy and sleeping soundly.


Police said they are investigating the case further.

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