Nuclear fallout all over Vietnam, still no health risk: officials

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The radioactive plume from Japan's quake hit Fukushima power plant has possibly spread all over Vietnam's territory, but the levels are low enough not to cause any risk to human health, local officials said Thursday.


According to Nguyen Nhi Dien, head of the Da Lat Nuclear Research Institute in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong, as of Thursday observation stations in the north and south regions have detected radioactive iodine, so in theory the fallout has probably covered Vietnam.


"Observation stations aren't available in other regions, but it's for sure radiation levels there are low and don't affect human health," Dien said.


Trinh Van Giap, chief of the Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology, also said they have detected some other types of iodine besides the well-known ones I-131 and Cs-137.


However, their concentrations are too small to cause any risk, Giap said, adding that radiation readings Thursday didn't change much from those of previous days.


In other news, agencies like the Vietnam Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety and the Department of Animal Health joined hands to measure the possibility of radiation contamination of 19 samples of seafood imported from Japan.


Results are expected to be available soon.


With its cooling system ravaged by the massive quake and tsunami on March 11, the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant in southern Japan has leaked radiation into the environment, sparking global concern over the country's worst nuclear crisis.

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