Northern garbage firm admits to illegal dumping

TN News

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Sewage dumped by the overloaded Hai Phong Urban Environment Company has polluted the local coastal area, a company official admitted Wednesday.


Nguyen Van Quy, Deputy Director of the company, said sewage from the garbage ran into the sea before being treated.


Environmental police from the Ministry of Public Security have also said that the wastewater was too dirty to be discharged into the environment.


Quy said they began storing garbage at an improper dumping ground in 2004 after residents stopped trucks from bringing garbage to Trang Cat dump near their homes.


The dump lacked any facilities to clean the wastewater until a treatment plant was put in use to treat 100 cubic meters of wastewater a day. But that facilty couldn't handle all the garbage coming every day.


Heavy rains have only worsened the situation, he said.


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