Northern cop implicated in car smuggling ring

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Police in Hanoi Sunday arrested a fellow officer in the northern province of Bac Giang for his alleged involvement in the car smuggling ring that was busted up in July.


Cao Vu Cuong, a lieutenant in the Bac Giang police department, allegedly helped the smugglers forge documents showing that the new cars which were to be exported to foreign markets were too old to export.


Under Vietnamese law, good that pass through the country to be exported abroad are taxed very litte or not at all. Police allege that Cuong helped the ring evade billions of dong in taxes.


In July investigators arrested ring leader Ngo Doan Phuc, 33. Since then, they have also arrested an official from Bac Giang's Market Management Bureau along with several other suspects.


Police have also confiscated a Hummer, a Land Rover, a Toyota Prado and a Lexus worth nearly VND6.3 billion (US$330,015) in total. The cars were brought into the country from Laos.


The investigation continues to be underway.

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