Northern cement factory suspended on pollution complaints

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A cement factory in the northern province of Quang Ninh has been suspended after local people complained about pollution from its gas emissions.


Lam Thach Cement Factory of Quang Ninh Cement and Construction Company was asked to halt its operations on Monday until the factory completes environment protection measures requested by the local government, news website Dan Tri reported.


The provincial government has asked the factory to evaluate it's operations and fix its gas emission system to ensure the waste released meets accepted environmental standards.


Local people have complained that the factory had released abnormally large amounts of dirty gas on August 29 and Friday last week.


Factory leaders blamed the incidents on sudden power cuts that they said prevented the factory's gas treatment system from working.


Quang Ninh government has asked the factory to install its own electric generator in case of power cuts in the future.


On Saturday last week, leaders from Quang Ninh Cement and Construction JSC spoke with local people, in the presence of local authorities, about the dirty emissions complaints.


The dialogue did not come to any agreement.


Local people asked for compensation for the impacts the emissions had on their health and daily activities, but the company said they will only pay after an official estimation of damages from local authorities.


Provincial agencies are working to assess the damage.


The Quang Ninh government in early September had reported to the National Assembly that many cement factories approved by the central government are operating in the province with low-grade technologies that cause pollution.


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