No intervention as boys climb over security fence to harass tiger at Hanoi zoo

TN News

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A video posted on the Internet Monday, December 5, shows two boys climbing over a security barrier at a Hanoi zoo and angering a tiger by kicking its face through the cage with no one to stop them.

The video, more than one minute long, also shows two girls following the boys.

As the girls cheer and applaud, the boys use small sticks to pick at the teeth of two tiger cubs as well, the video shows.

The Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper notes that neither the zoo staff nor other visitors to the zoo tried to dissuade or prevent the boys and girls from indulging in the dangerous behavior.


The video has not elicited any comment yet from the zoo officials or city authorities.

Video viewers, meanwhile, have generally described the actions as crazy and extreme, with one comment describing it as "four monkeys teasing tigers in a zoo."

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