Nigerian students injured in fracas with Vietnam police

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Nigerian students at Hai Phong Polytechnics College

Police in the northern port city of Hai Phong are investigating the chaos which ensued after a group of Nigerian students got the runaround at a local mobile phone shop.

The clash, which later involved the police, took place on June 24 when the students from Hai Phong Polytechnics College went to a mobile phone shop to pick up a phone that was supposed to have been repaired.

A clerk said the shop did not have the phone and asked them to take an alternative, according to a Dat Viet report.

The students agreed to wait, but two hours passed without explanation, so they began making a fuss.

One of them allegedly slammed shut a laptop on the counter, causing its screen to break, prompting a manager at the shop  to promise to produce the phone. But he also demanded compensation for the damage.

Another student then grabbed the laptop and exited the shop with it; the manager called the police, who ended up fighting with the students, some of whom allegedly ran to the college to bring back more help.

The fracas left two students severely injured and requiring hospitalization.

Hai Phong authorities are working with the college as part of their investigation.

Pham Ngoc Tiep, the school's vice president, said the college is training 200 Nigerian students on scholarships from their government to manage naval ships and maintain ship engines.

"The students are active and have good team spirit," Tiep said.

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