Nick Vujicic to promote "faith in action' in Vietnam

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Australian motivational speaker Nick Vujicic, who was born without all four limbs will visit Vietnam in May, it was announced at a Tuesday press briefing held to introduce the Vietnamese translation of his second book.

"Unstoppable: The Incredible Power of Faith in Action" tells about the inspiration he has gained from readers over the world, about his journeys and encounters, his ways to solve numerous conflicts, as also the story of how he met Kanae Miyahara, the woman he married in February last year. They now have a healthy son.

The book was published by Random House, US on October 2, 2012 and the copyright was sold to Vietnamese publisher First News eight days later.

It was translated into Vietnamese and titled "Dung bao gio tu bo khat vong" (Never give up aspirations). The translation was done by Nguyen Bich Lan, who shares Vujicic's situation of being born with the rare disorder called tetra-amelia syndrome.

The self-taught woman, who has become a professional translator, said she is looking forward to meeting the person she admires a lot.

Addressing the press briefing on the phone from Hanoi because she fell sick minutes before her flight, Lan said she has been smiling more often after translating hundreds of Vujicic's pages.

She said she was haunted for months by one detail in the book, when Vujicic brought his girlfriend home for the first time and his mother asked Miyahara if she'd thought about their children being born like him.

Miyahara said she and Vujicic would love them no matter what, and that it would actually be easier for her than Vujicic's mother as she will have his support.

"I learned from the Internet later that she had given birth and the baby is completely healthy. What a miracle!" Lan said.

In many of his speeches, which he began giving around 15 years ago when he was 17, Vujicic said he used to feel very depressed and did think about ending his life.

His first book, "Life Without Limbs: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life" was published in 2010.

He is expected to be in Vietnam between May 22 and 26, speaking to around 10,000 university students in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, meeting with 5,000 disadvantaged children at a stadium in Hanoi and visiting child victims of Agent Orange at the Tu Du Hospital in HCMC's District 1.

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