Nha Trang Bay suffers from pollution

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The pollution of Vietnam's Nha Trang Bay has created a seriously risky situation, a local official said Tuesday.


Truong Kinh, director of the Nha Trang Bay Marine Protected Area's management board, quoted a recent survey as saying that risks like the excessive concentration of hydrocarbons and irons, along with microorganism contamination have created ideal conditions for the propogation of harmful bacteria and algae.


This will finally throw off the ecological balance of the beautiful bay, Kinh stressed.


The latest survey was conducted by the management board in collaboration with the Institute of Oceanography at 13 locations in the bay in April and November last year.


Researchers sampled sediment, water and plant materials.

According to Kinh, the pollution mainly comes from the wastewater of households and factories.

Seaside and island public works projects have are also contributed to the pollution, he added.


What's more, none of the bay's 160 tourist boats are equipped with restrooms with septic systems, Kinh said, despite the fact that they are prohibited from dumping waste into the bay.


He complained that currenty registration regulations don't include the requirement for septic tanks, so boats can acquire licenses from the local department of transportation without taking the step.


Since 2005, the management board has proposed plans to get related agencies on the same page in managing and protecting the bay.


So far none of the plans submitted to the Khanh Hoa Province's People's Committee have been approved, Kinh said.


This lack of cooperation has presented one of the largest obstacles to effectively managing Nha Trang Bay, he said.


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