Newborn found buried alive, rescued in Vietnam

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A newborn baby girl, apparently discarded by her mother soon after birth, was found buried alive by a passer-by in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho Wednesday.

At around 9 p.m. Truong Van Duyen, 45, of Ninh Kieu District, was walking on a street near his house when he heard a noise from behind a bush.

He approached the bush and saw a child, buried but with its face above the ground.

He rushed home and called his 80-year-old mother to the scene.

She came and pulled out the baby girl, who was wrapped in a plastic bag.

"It seemed someone had hurriedly buried the newborn," he said later.

The infant's arms and legs had turned blue and she still had her umbilical cord.

Duyen and Tu knocked on the doors of neighbors for help. A crowd gathered soon and many said the baby should be left there until the police arrived.

But one couple, Truong Van Banh, 59, and Do Thi Cong, 54, picked the child up and she started crying.

They rushed her to a nearby clinic to cut off her umbilical cord and have her checked. She was found to be in normal condition.

At around 10 p.m. they took her to their house. Their daughter-in-law, who recently delivered a baby herself, breast-fed the infant. She was also bottle-fed since she seemed hungry.

The couple said they would wait for a month for someone to claim the child. If no one showed up, they said they would adopt her legally.

Local authorities are investigating.

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