New study identifies the dirtiest, stinkiest lakes in Hanoi

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The Environment and Community Research Center in Hanoi has released a report after studying 30 out of 112 lakes in the city. It found that only five of them are unpolluted and singled out the following four lakes for being “extremely polluted.”
Linh Quang
Waste fills up a corner of Linh Quang Lake. Photo credit: Tien Phong
The lake of more than 2.2 hectares in Dong Da District receives a large amount of waste and sewage discharged by families, businesses and a nearby wet market. 
Some people also threw dead animals into the lake, while others took over parts of it to raise livestock.
Experts from the environment center, which operates under Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations, said the city officials have to make “drastic” efforts to revive the lake and its scenery.
Van Chuong
The Van Chuong Lake 
Pollution has turned the 1.3-hectare lake, also located in Dong Da, into a dark color.
The smell is often unbearable during hot days.
Kim Lien
The Kim Lien Lake
The lake of 2.2 hectares, also in Dong Da District, suffers the same plight. The city government approved a plan to clean up the lake in 2004 but it has not seen any significant improvement. Its name Kim Lien means Lotus. 
Thien Quang
 Dead fish almost cover the whole surface of Thien Quang Lake last year
Fish in the lake of more than 5.6 hectares in Ha Ba Trung District died en mass in summer 2014 due to heavy pollution.
Environment experts have urged farmers to stop breeding fish in the lake, as their dying will only worsen the water quality. Many have ignored such warnings. 

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