New project aims to control vehicle emissions

TN News

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The Vietnamese government has approved a six-year project with an expected investment of VND250 billion (US$13.2 million) to control vehicle emissions nationwide.

The project, firstly targeting urban areas with critical air pollution problems, includes plans to establish at least 100 centers to test vehicle emissions in Hanoi and 150 in Ho Chi Minh City, and train at least 500 officials and staff to man them.

The centers will be allowed to charge fees for testing and granting certificates.

The government wants to have 20 percent of motorbike users in Hanoi and HCMC to have their vehicles tested and maintained so they meet emissions standards by 2013.

Agencies of motorbike manufacturers and assemblers will also be asked to invest in emissions testing services, as will motorbike maintenance and repair centers.

The project will call for international support and the participation of all economic sectors. It will offer organizations and individuals preferential import tax support on equipment procured for pollution mitigation purposes.

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