New charges against teenage killer

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Prosecutors in the northern province of Bac Giang have pressed an additional charge against an 18-year-old youth who killed a couple and their daughter during a gold robbery last August, Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper reported.

Le Van Luyen, who was previously charged with "murder" and "robbery," has been charged with "abusing credibility to appropriate properties."

According to Bac Giang Province People's Procuracy, Luyen borrowed the motorbike of Truong Van Nhi, his aunt's husband, and pawned it for VND5 million (US$240).

He later bought a mobile phone and went to Hanoi to hang out with his friends.

When he got back home, he formulated the idea of staging a robbery to have the money for the bike.

On August 24, Luyen snuck into the Ngoc Bich Gold Shop (where the family that owned and operated the shop also lived) and killed Trinh Thanh Ngoc and Dinh Thi Chin, the couple that owned the show, and their 18-month-old daughter.

He also cut off the right hand of Trinh Ngoc Bich, the couple's eight-year-old daughter, and slashed her arm and head.


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Bich later had her hand rejoined and has recovered.

Luyen collected all the gold in the shop, estimated at 1,875 grams in total, (worth US$96,000).

One week later, he was arrested at Na Hinh, a border village near China in the northern province of Lang Son.

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