New book on Da Lat accused of plagiarism

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A newly-released book about Da Lat, Vietnam's famed City of Flowers, is riddled with inaccurate as well as plagiarized content, several journalists have alleged.

The book released this month uses their material under other names without obtaining the authors' permission, they said.

Co mot Da Lat o Viet Nam (There's a Da Lat in Vietnam) carries many essays about different attractions in the Central Highlands town.

Reporter Uong Thai Bieu of the Nhan Dan (People) Newspaper said the story "Da Lat thanh pho tinh yeu va noi nho" (Da Lat the city of love and memory) copies parts of his article "Cam xuc Da Lat" (Da Lat emotions) published by his paper in March this year. The book mentions Thuy Linh as the author of the story.

The story "Nhung lang hoa truyen thong o Da Lat" (Traditional flower villages in Da Lat) by Hung Viet has copied almost completely an article of the same title by Ho Thanh Binh in a 2008 publication released to mark the 115th anniversary of Da Lat.

Meanwhile, Thanh Nien reporter Lam Vien said his article "Net moi du lich Doi Mong Mo" (New tourism features at Mong Mo Hill) published on Thanh Nien Online in June 2007 was copied by the new book in the story "Doi Mong Mo vua quen vua la" (Mong Mo Hill familiar yet strange) authored by Hoang Linh.

"Ve dep 3 trong 1 giua long Da Lat" (The three-in-one beauty in the middle of Da Lat) by Anh Son incorrectly mentions the Xuan Huong Lake as having an area of five kilometers, while that is actually the perimeter. The lake's area is 42 hectares, or 0.42 square kilometers.

The article also says that the lake passes by many attractions of the city including the Lenin Park, which is located in Hanoi.

The book was published by Vietnam News Agency Publishing House in cooperation with the Tri Tue Viet (Vietnamese intelligence) Culture Company.

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