Nearly 200 Vietnamese workers remain trapped in Libya

TN News

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International organizations in Libya have yet to secure safe passage for thousands of international workers, including nearly 200 Vietnamese, VnExpress reported Saturday.


Nguyen Quoc Nam, who is in charge of the International Organization for Migration (IOM)'s diplomatic relations, told the news website that the situation in the North African country has become more complicated.


The agency and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) planned to establish a safe corridor in cooperation with local authorities, according to VnExpress.


In the meantime, Vietnam's Department of Overseas Labor reported that the Vietnamese embassy in Libya has been able to contact nearly 200 Vietnamese workers who are currently trapped deep inside the country.


Around 800 workers, meanwhile, have been evacuated to the nation's borders, according to the department.


The news source quoted Nam as saying that Vietnam has proposed IOM should arrange two flights to pick up at least 250 Vietnamese each from Tunisia.


Vietnam has also asked IOM to assign another two flights to evacuate Vietnamese laborers from Turkey. One will be paid by the Vietnamese government; the other will be supported by IOM and UNHCR.


According to Nam, at the moment, over 1,000 Vietnamese workers employed by Turkish companies, are taking refugee in Turkey.


Only one company has managed to buy tickets for their workers, while two others are having difficulties in doing so.


So far 4,600 Vietnamese workers have returned home, the Department of Overseas Labor said.

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