National network VTV admits to copyright infringement after YouTube block

By Ngoc An, Thanh Nien News

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State-run broadcaster Vietnam Television has admitted that it used copyrighted content without permission in some of its programs, confirming that the violation has caused its YouTube channel to be blocked.
On Sunday evening, the network, better known as VTV, was notified by YouTube that the video sharing website had received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding videos on VTV's official YouTube page. 
The page was blocked the following morning.
VTV then told local press that some of its editors used some footage they found online in their news and current affairs programs without asking permission of the copyright holders. The programs were then uploaded on the YouTube page. 
The national broadcaster said it is working actively with relevant parties to resolve the issues in order to reactivate its YouTube channel, which has around 95,000 subscribers. 
 Bui Minh Tuan, who exposed VTV's copyright infringement. Photo credit: ICTnews
The case was exposed after Bui Minh Tuan, 35, reported to Google that VTV had repeatedly used his flycam videos, posted on his YouTube page named Yamaha Trung Ta, without seeking his permission.
Tuan, who runs a motorcycle trading company in the central province of Quang Tri, told news website ICTNews he had spent a lot of time and money to produce the aerial videos capturing beautiful scenes across the country. 
He claimed that over the past year he had sent many complaints to VTV, the Department of Copyright and the Ministry of Information and Communications to report around 20 copyright violations by VTV, but to no avail. 
Tuan decided to report the case to Google, the owner of YouTube. Since September he had reportedly filed three complaints. 
He told ICTNews he is not trying to seek damages and that he wants VTV to respect copyright laws.
Tuan said VTV needs to publicly apologize to him in a news program and hold a press conference on the matter. 
If VTV fails to do so, Tuan will not withdraw his complaints, which means the network's YouTube channel can be shut down permanently, according to ICTNews report.

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