National exam supervisors suspended as helping cheats

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A cut scene from a video posted on the Internet shows chaos during the recent national high school graduation exam at a school in Bac Giang Province in northern Vietnam.

A provincial education department in northern Vietnam has suspended 28 high school exam supervisors as videos showed cheatings at all six subjects during the recent exam at a school they were in charge.

The suspension means the supervisors will not be marking papers from students at the school they were standing during the exam that ended June 4, Nguyen Duc Hien, director of Bac Giang Province Department of Education and Training, said on Saturday.

Hien said the order was made after a meeting with the exam council from Doi Ngo Private High School and students in the exam room noted in the videos. Specific content of the meeting is unknown.

Before the meeting, six videos, taken by a student, were posted on the Internet showing cheating that the director described as "well-organized", in which the exam questions for Chemistry were leaked out of the room, and copies of the answers came back, with the help of the supervisors.

Investigations into the problem are going on as the six videos have been submitted to the police, and will be to the media soon, said the man who had been representing the student to release the videos.

Hien said findings are expected by June 18, when the exam results are released.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, three more videos concerning the cheating at the school has been posted in the Internet, showing students copying Math, Literature, History and Geography answers provided from outside into their papers.

The room was chaotic as students turned in different ways to see the answers, but the supervisors did not intervene.

When the time was almost up, a woman believed to be a teacher at the school collected the answers in front of everyone.

The man supplying the videos, only identified as D.T.N., said another clip will be released soon with even more chaos during the session for the last subject, foreign language, which mostly included multiple choice questions.

Vietnam's national high school exam lasts for three day with six subjects including three obligatory ones Math, Literature and English/French. Three other subjects this year are Chemistry, Geography and History.

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