Nat Geo documentary on tiger smuggling to be screened in Hanoi

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A National Geographic documentary about the ongoing fight against tiger smuggling in Asia will be screened in Hanoi later this month.

"Tiger Traffic," part of the National Geographic Channel's "Crimes Against Nature" investigative documentary series, will be screened at the Hanoi Press Club on March 29.

The 45-minute film portrays ongoing undercover investigations by law enforcement agencies in collaboration with conservationists to break one of the region's largest tiger trafficking rings.

The investigators featured in "Tiger Traffic" recently uncovered and arrested key members of a ring trafficking tigers from Thailand to Vietnam and China.

They will be present at the screening to discuss the relevance of their work in Vietnam and share their experiences in the fight against illegal wildlife trade.


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In Vietnam, the number of tigers has decreased from 100 to around 30 over the last decade. Experts have said wild tigers in Vietnam will be extinct in the next five years if the current trend continues.

Southeast Asian region has become a hot spot for illegal wildlife trade, which diminishes the region's bio-diversity and natural resources at alarming rate and threatens security, human health and livelihoods, according to experts.

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