Mysterious metal balls found in Vietnam may be space debris: officials

Thanh Nien News

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 This six-kilogram sphere is reportedly found in a garden in Yen Bai Province. Photo: Duy Trinh
Officials from the defense ministry say three strange objects discovered in northern Vietnam last weekend are most likely space debris. 
The spheres, weighing 250 grams, six kilos and 45 kilos, were found at three separate locations in the northern provinces of Yen Bai and Tuyen Quang last Saturday. They had reportedly fallen from space. 
Initial investigations from the Ministry of Defense found that the objects could have been made in Russia and come from missiles or spaceships. They could have been used as compressed air equipment.
None of the objects were explosive devices, added officials.
Authorities said they will report the incidents to the Council of National Defense and Security, adding that space debris must be dealt with properly to avoid possibilities of accidents.
Witnesses said they saw the first sphere, around six kilos in weight, flying at around 6:30 a.m. before it crashed down on a garden in Yen Bai Province. They said there was a loud noise which prompted them to run away. 
 Local man Dang Van Canh shows a six-kilogram sphere he has discovered in Yen Bai Province. Photo credit: VietNamNet
The second sphere of 250 grams fell on the roof of a house around three kilometers away, before landing on the floor.
The last object, weighing around 45 kilos, landed near a stream in the neighboring province of Tuyen Quang.
Many locals reported to have heard several thunder-like noises from the sky just minutes before the objects were discovered.
 The last object, weighing around 45 kilos, has been found in a garden in Tuyen Quang Province. Photo credit: VIetNamNet

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