Moving car catches fire in northern Vietnam, none injured

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A 36-year-old man managed to escape without injuries when the car he was driving caught fire in Hanoi Monday.

According to Le Van Tuan, the fire broke out from beneath the hood of the Nissan as he was driving on Lac Long Quan Street in Tay Ho District.

Bystanders helped Tuan attempt to extinguish the blaze, but it burned too violently to save the car, which was irreparably damaged within 20 minutes.

Vietnamnet reported Monday that an explosion occurred under the car's hood, leading to the fire.

Local police are investigating what caused the incident.


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More than a hundred vehicles, not limited to particular makes or models, have caught fire across Vietnam since early last year. No conclusion has been reached about their cause, although spurious gasoline has emerged as the main suspect.

A Thanh Nien investigation last month found that many tankers stopped on their way to gas stations, siphoning off portions of their load and replacing the stolen volume with additives like ethanol or methanol, which are believed to be highly combustible.

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