Motorist killed in construction accident in Vietnam's capital

TN News

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A student was killed on January 25 when he was buried by building materials that fell from a construction site near his house in Hanoi, reported on the same day.

Witnesses said that cable of a crane pulling up a big iron box full of sand snapped around 8 a.m. just as Do Dai Hiep, 20, was driving past the location on his motorbike.

Hiep died on the spot; his bike was badly damaged.

It was not the first time workers dropped building materials, locals told the news website, without providing details about what damages had been caused by previous accidents.

A small path separates the construction project, run by a company owned by Ministry of National Defense, and an adjacent playground.

Some residents said that previously, the company had posted warning signs and erected barriers separating the construction from the playground, and used the path to store building materials.

But when the construction of 18-floor apartment building was nearly done, the company removed the barriers, according to the residents.

Police are investigating.

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