Motorbike taxi driver killed in fight for customers

TN News

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A xe om (motorbike taxi) driver was slashed to death at a bus station in Hanoi early Sunday, probably in a fight for customers, police said.


Mai Van Tuan, 28, from nearby Thanh Hoa Province, died on the way to hospital after guards at My Dinh station found him bleeding and unconscious at 3 a.m.


Several eyewitnesses said a group of taxi drivers and another of xe om drivers were chasing each other with knives and swords near the station around an hour earlier.


Police said the conflict could have been about customers and parking spots.


Hanoi authorities are conducting forensic tests and identifying suspects for further investigation.


Last month, Hanoi police stripped the military register from a ward lieutenant for direct involvement in another gun and knife fight that killed a known gangster in the area. The fight stemmed from a conflict over football match betting, police said.

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