Motorbike on fire, no one injured in northern Vietnam

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Two people managed to jump off the motorbike they were riding while it was on fire in Hanoi Friday.

According to Dao Hoang Nhat Linh, 21, who rode the Honda Air Blade, she was on her way to school when someone approached her from behind and informed her that there was a fire under her bike.

"I hurriedly stopped it and jumped off it before the fire went wild," the student said in newswire VnExpress.

Locals tried to extinguish the fire, but the bike soon burned.

Linh said she bought the bike more than one year ago and it previously showed no abnormal signs.

Local agencies are investigating the cause.

The report in VnExpress said this wasn't the first time a bike caught fire while it was running in the capital.

On October 27, another Honda Air Blade, which was bought two years ago, faced the same situation. Ten days before, a Wave caught fire, too.


No explosive found in northern Vietnam's deadly bike explosion

On December 1, a Honda Super Dream exploded in the northern province of Bac Ninh, killing a pregnant woman and critically injuring a four-year-old girl who were riding it. The bike was totally damaged.

Police have yet to determine the accident's cause.

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