Mother, son arrested for smuggling 5.4 kilograms of "ice'

TN News

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A Vietnamese woman and her son were arrested on Thursday as they attempted to smuggle 5.4 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine from Laos in to Vietnam.


Nguyen Thi Hanh, 42, and her son Nguyen Canh Chien, 21 were detained at the Cau Tre border gate in Ha Tinh Province by a joint force of border guards and anti-drug police officials, who had been tracking the suspects for some time.


The mother-and-son divided the drugs, also known as ice, into seven packs and hid them inside 20-kilogram paint buckets after wrapping them in waterproof paper. They transported the drugs on a local bus into Vietnam.


Hanh told police that she had bought the drugs from a Laotian man in Vientiane and intended to sell them to dealers in Nghe An Province's Vinh Town, Tien Phong Newspaper reported Sunday.


The border guards and police are investigating the case further.


Under the Penal Code, the crime of possessing, transporting and smuggling drugs is punishable by a jail term of 20 years (from 100 grams to under 300 grams), life imprisonment (from 300 grams to under 600 grams) or death (600 grams and above).

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