More quakes hit central Vietnam

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A minor earthquake, the third in a month, shook the central province of Quang Nam Sunday night, local authorities said.

Dang Phong, chairman of the Bac Tra My District People's Committee, told Tuoi Tre newspaper the quake had shaken glasses, cups, and furniture in his house.

There were many aftershocks until early the following morning, he said, adding many residents had rushed out of their houses for fear of being crushed by furniture.

The magnitude of the earthquake is not known yet.

Also Sunday evening a small quake lasting 30 seconds shook Nam Tra My District in Quang Nam. No damage was reported.

On Nov 17 a 3.5-magnitude earthquake accompanied by subterranean noises shook the Bac Tra My District.

Terrified residents fled their homes in the middle of the night as the sounds lasted more than six hours until early the following morning.

Scientists said the quake could have been caused by the construction of the Song Tranh 2 Hydropower Plant in the vicinity.


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Dr Cao Dinh Trieu of the Institute of Geophysics said the earthquake could have occurred because water from the Song Tranh 2 reservoir had been absorbed into the faultline in the area and caused the seismic waves and the explosions.

Phong said the local authorities had reported to the Quang Nam Province Department of Science and Technology, but it had yet to arrive at a conclusion about the cause of the earthquakes.

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