More floods kill six in central Vietnam

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The latest floods in central Vietnam have killed at least six people and left four missing, the Central Committee of Floods Control reported Monday.


Four deaths happened in Khanh Hoa Province while Ninh Thuan Province reported three missing people.


Floods have submerged houses, streets and rice fields, and caused landslides across the region, according to a report posted on the Central Committee for Storms and Floods Control's website.


Dinh Van Sang, vice director of Saigon Railway, Monday said eight trains carrying 1,400 passengers were forced to stop because parts of the railway were heavily flooded.


Passengers later boarded buses to continue their journey, he added.


Another seven trains heading for the central provinces were also delayed at Ho Chi Minh City's Saigon Gas Station.


In the meantime, the National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting said water levels will continue to rise and the floods will last for many days.


As of Monday night local rivers had already burst their banks. The flooding around Cai Phan Rang River in Phan Rang Province is particularly bad.


Last month, two rounds of flooding brought about by heavy rains hit the central coastal region, killing at least 143 people and leaving dozens of people missing.


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