Monkey attacks tourists at central Vietnam resort

TN News

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Two Vietnamese were hospitalized after being attacked by a monkey at a resort in the central province of Quang Tri last week.


Nguyen Van Cuong, 23, and Tran Thi Thu Phuong, 31, are being treated at a hospital in Quang Tri Town.


Cuong was admitted to the hospital on June 6 and Phuong one day later to treat various injuries.


They said they were visiting Tram Tra Loc Ecological Tourism Area with their families when a male monkey weighing around 30 kilograms jumped off a tree and attacked, fiercely scratching and biting them.


The monkey bit Cuong's legs, and broke the skin of Phuong's head with its scratching, causing bleeding.


The resort's authorities said the monkey attack stemmed from the fact that some local visitors had previously teased the monkeys, irking them.


Long before last week's attack, they erected a warning sign along the path.


Four females and one male monkey live at the resort.


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