Mob justice in Vietnam street

By Hoang Long, Thanh Nien News

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High-speed police chase is always dramatic, but what happened after a car is stopped can be ugly, as shown in this video clip.
The clip showed a speeding pickup truck being chased by two patrol police motorbikes through the streets of Nam Dinh Town, northern Vietnam. 
Witnesses later told Thanh Nien News that the truck had hit a number of vehicles as it tried to escape. 
The officers apparently fired shots at the truck tires and hit one, forcing the driver to stop. 
Just when the driver stepped down, he was dragged down to the street and beaten by a group of people.
The officers now had to intervene to protect the driver.
A woman who was in the truck when the incident happened said they were delivering four pigs to a wedding in Hoa Binh Province, outside Nam Dinh. 
The driver was detained and his truck towed to a local police station for further investigation, police said.

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