Miracle baby who survived horrible accident leaves hospital

By Nguyen Mi-Luong Ngoc, Thanh Nien News

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The baby boy smiles before going home The baby boy smiles before going home


A baby boy who miraculously survived a tragic accident after a truck ran over his mother, taking her life and forcing him from her womb, was released from hospital Tuesday after 25 days of treatment. 
Known to Vietnamese netizens as the "steadfast tin soldier," Nguyen Quoc Huy left Ho Chi Minh City Children’s Hospital 1 with his right leg lost in the accident. 
The boy is reportedly in good health, occasionally smiling and yawning. Doctors said they will keep a close watch of his health condition and provided his family with instructions to take good care of him at home.

A nurse carried Nguyen Quoc Huy

His father, Nguyen Van Nam, was also injured in the accident and had a third of his leg amputated. He now needs to use a wheelchair and crutches to support himself.
Nam and his relatives arrived at Nhi Dong 1 Hospital early Tuesday morning, waiting to receive the baby to bring him back home in Kenh Dao Village, Thoai Son Dist., in the Mekong Delta Province of An Giang.
"I missed my wife so much," the father said as he embraced his son. 

Nguyen Van Nam, the baby's father, embraces him for a photo with doctors of HCMC Children's Hospital 1 on Tuesday morning

Doctor Pham Thi Thanh Tam, head of neonatal intensive care, said the hospital staff are "so happy the boy recovered and can go home now."
"I miss him already," she said.
Hospital Director Nguyen Thanh Hung caressed the baby as he told him, "You can go home with dad now, but we will call you often to check if you guys are fine."
A hospital representative also handed over to Nam more than VND1.6 billion (US$75,000) in cash that philanthropists donated to the boy’s family.

The 32-year-old father on a wheelchair. Huy and his father both lost portions their legs in the accident.

The tragic accident took place on October 25 when Nam, 32, was driving his wife Nguyen Thi Kim Ngoc, 27, to hospital to deliver Huy.
While driving down National Highway 91 in An Giang’s Long Xuyen Town, their bike was hit by a truck traveling behind them -- throwing the couple down onto the road. 
Eyewitnesses claim the wheels of the truck crushed Ngoc, killing her on the spot, and forcing Huy from her womb. 
Huy and his father both lost portions their legs in the accident. 
A conscientious motorist stopped on the road, gathered up Huy and carried him to a local hospital. Another Good Samaritan picked up Huy's severed right leg and put it on ice -- following the first person all the way to the hospital. 
However, Huy arrived in critical condition and was transferred to the HCMC Children’s Hospital 1. 
The doctors were unable to re-attach the baby's severed leg since it was badly damaged. 
More than 20 doctors participated in a delicate surgery that closed his severe wounds and saved his life. 
Six days later, the baby was able to breathe without the help of a ventilator.
He can be bottlefed as normal babies.
The driver of the concrete mixer truck that caused the accident is now in police custody for investigation.

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