Minor fire sets off chaos in major city hospital

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Ho Chi Minh City's leading Cho Ray hospital was the site of pandemonium Sunday morning as frightened patients and others panicked and fled for their lives after a fire broke out in the ninth floor of one of its blocks.

The fire at the hospital on Nguyen Chi Thanh Street was put out in 15 minutes at around 7:30 a.m.

All the 27 patients on the floor were moved in time but the fire burnt a mattress, a chair and part of the ceiling in Room 16 where the smoke was noticed first.

Families of hundreds of patients being treated in Block B1, where the fire broke out, had to rush their relatives down the stairs.

The ninth floor treats patients who pay extra money to stay in special rooms that are more private, has air conditioners and attached toilets.

Patients staying here are either two weak or those who have passed critical moments and are in recovery.

Authorities are investigating the accident.

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