Ministry to issue fines for fake diplomatic plates

TN News

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The Ministry of Finance will levy tax on cars bearing diplomatic plates owned by non-diplomats in Vietnam, deputy minister Do Hoang Anh Tuan told Tuoi Tre newspaper Wednesday.

According to Tuan, under a proposal to be submitted to the government for final approval, the ministry rules that a tax of 5-90 percent will be levied on around 1,200 bogus diplomatic cars that are in use throughout Vietnam.

Such vehicles will also be subject to the special consumption tax and value-added tax, with the total collection estimated to be worth VND40-50 billion (US$1.9 million-2.4 million), he said.

Tuan added the sum is not big but it ensures fairness as many individuals have taken advantage of the duty-free policy on diplomatic cars to evade taxes.

He said individuals or organizations purchasing cars from authentic foreign diplomats after the diplomats conclude their terms in Vietnam should change to normal plates and complete the procedures to legalize their vehicles.

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