Militia detained for fatal road chase in Vietnam

By Le Lam, Thanh Nien News

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Two militiamen in Dong Nai Province were detained for allegedly causing a deadly crash during a chase early on Wednesday.
A source told Thanh Nien that the Dinh Quan District Police detained militiamen Pham Chi Hieu and Le Nguyen Xuan Thang to investigate any role they may have played in the crashes involving two motorists they were pursuing.
Pham Duy Linh, 34, one of the motorists, died on the spot; Tran Minh Nhat, 17, is being treated at a local hospital.
Nhat said four police officers ordered them to stop at around midnight.
When they did not stop, two men who were standing ten meters from the police chased after them on a motorbike. They were later identified as Hieu and Thang
Nhat’s motorbike lost control in a turn.
Nhat said that roughly a minute before they fell, one of the men had struck his left shoulder with a truncheon.
Tran Ngoc Duc, Nhat’s father, said Nhat was admitted at around 1 a.m. with a broken right kneecap, shoulder and arm.
The families of the militiamen have visited Nhat and paid him VND15 million (US$700) in support. They also gave Linh’s family VND10 million ($468) at his funeral.
Vietnam's civil militias are tasked with assisting police and not allowed to act on their own.

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