Mekong Delta TV station director suspected of committing suicide

TN News

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Long An police are investigating the death of the director of the provincial television station, Phan Thanh Van, who reportedly committed suicide at his home on Tuesday.

Relatives found the 59-year-old man dead, hanging from a noose in his house on Bao Dinh Street in Tan An Town around 10 a.m.

His family said Van usually woke up early each morning to exercise before having breakfast at home and going to work.

Several newspapers reported that Van had endured several stressful episodes over the last year, including one involving his daughter Phan Thi Kieu Giang, who also worked at the Long An Television Station.

Earlier, Lam Xuan Thai and two other Tan An residents sued Giang for VND750 million (US$36,000), the sum they said Giang had borrowed from them last January but refused to repay.

On June 1 provincial police confirmed that a handwritten receipt produced by Giang's accusers documenting the debt she owed them had indeed been written by Giang.

Giang was arrested on September 13 on charges of "abusing credibility to appropriate property."

In May, Van was summoned by the provincial authorities to clarify some financial issues involving the TV's station's advertising revenues.

Van has been the director of the Long An Television Station for more than 12 years. Previously, he served as vice chairman and then chairman of the Ben Luc District People's Committee and as an official of the provincial People's Committee.

He was also known as a composer of many popular vong co (southern traditional music) songs and was a member of the Vietnam Stage Association. Van was set to retire in only a few months' time.

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