Meet Miu from Vietnam, probably the world's heaviest cat

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Tran Thi Nga and her cat 
The world’s heaviest cat title reportedly belongs to a 17.5-kg male named Elvis in Germany.
But Miu, a Vietnamese cat in the northern province of Nam Dinh, should be given the title because he now weighs around 20 kilograms.
Tran Thi Nga, 75, has become famous in the neighborhood thanks to her pet, news website Vietnamnet reported.
Nga bought the cat eight years ago. As a cat trader went passed her house, she spotted the lovely cat with black and white hair. 
She named him Miu, a common feline name in Vietnam. 
Nga said she was surprised to see how fast her pet grew. There was one month he gained nearly a kilogram. 
When the cat weighed around 8 kilograms, Nga’s son-in-law asked for her permission to keep the pet. Nga agreed.
But the cat did not eat or drink at his new home. Soon after he was returned to Nga, he ate again, and gained more weight.
When he reached 15 kilograms, he started to attract crowds of people who came to Nga’s house.
Nguyen Thi Thuy, Nga’s daughter-in-law, praised the cat for his good manner. She said he never stole food and had very good toilet habits. 
Nga said the cat loves milk and, surprisingly, loves to bathe. 
Although he is that heavy, he can move easily. He can even catch rats and jump up stairs.
The family said the pet is perfectly healthy. 
Nga said many people wanted to buy the cat from her, but she turned them down
She said it is very lucky for her to have a pet like Miu. 
“He is like a friend, or a son, or a grandson of mine,” she said.
The cat and a child. Photo: Vietnamnet 
Nga combs the cat's hair.
The 20-kg cat and a 4-kg kitten 
Thuy, Nga's daughter-in-law, manages to lift the cat up

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