Medal-winning martial artist arrested for attacking cops

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Hanoi police arrested a wushu athlete Thursday for allegedly punching two police officers in the face after being pulled over on his motorbike for not wearing a helmet.

Nguyen Tuan Anh, 24, who is now in police custody, won a silver medal at an international wushu event in 2007.

The incident happened around 1:30 p.m. when a group of traffic police officers at the Tran Phu-Chu Van An intersection spotted two young men pass on a motorbike without helmets.

The cops signed the men to stop but the driver accelerated and sped off.

The cops chased and overtook them, forcing them to stop. As soon as the men stopped their bike, the driver punched Sergeant-Major Nguyen Manh Cuong in the face.

He then jumped off the bike and struck the face of Second Lieutenant Le Hung Vy, an officer of an emergency police division who had just arrived at the scene to help traffic police forces to apprehend traffic violators.

Meanwhile, the man on the back of the motorbike screamed out loudly that the police were hitting people.

Police officers then successfully nabbed the men and took them to a police station.

In custody the motorbike driver confessed to police that he was Nguyen Tuan Anh, 24, and that the man with him was his 26-year-old brother Nguyen Danh Duy Linh.

Anh said he had been a wushu athlete for eight years who won a silver medal at an international wushu competition in 2007.

Anh is facing charges of "not wearing helmet" and "resisting police officers on duty."

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